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User's Guide:
How to Setup a New Dial-up Connection Using Windows XP:

Step 1:

Right click on the "My Network Places" Icon on the desktop (pictured below), and select "Properties".
( Alternatively, Click the START button, Select (ALL) Programs, Accessories, Communications, then open "Network Connections".


Step 2:

On the left of the window, Within the "Network Tasks" panel, Select "Create a new connection"

Step 3:

The "New Connection Wizard" will appear...

Click to Continue...


Step 4:

Under the "Network Connection Type" option, select "Connect to the Interet", then Click Next...


Step 5:

Select "Set up my connection manually" then Click Next...


Step 6:

Select "Connect using a Dial-up Modem", Then Click Next


Step 7:

Enter a Name to Identify the Dial-up Connection you are setting up, eg. computech, Then Click Next


Step 8:

Enter the National Dial-In Number, for your computech Dial-Up account. eg. 0198 331 312


Step 9:

Enter the Dial-up account Username and Password... Select both options then Click Next (Note: Username must be in the form of


Step 6:

Select "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" then click Finish

If the box is ticked, You will now have a "computech" icon on your desktop. To connect to the internet, double-click the icon and press Connect.

Alternatively you can double click the computech icon in the "Control Panel"


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