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User's Guide:
How to Setup a New Dial-up Connection Using Windows 98:

Step 1:

Click the START button, Select the Programs Menu, Accessories, Communications, then open "Dial-Up Networking".


Step 2:

Within the Dial-Up Networking screen, Select "Make new connection"


Step 3:

In the Welcome to Dial-Up Networking window, click Next


Step 4:

In the Make New Connection window, type in computech as the name of the computer you are dialing.
This becomes the name of the Dial-Up connection.

For "Select a Device", your modem should already be selected. This requires no change


Step 5:

In the "Telephone Number" Box, Enter 0198 331 312, click Next, then Finish


Step 6:

Your "computech" Connection will now be visible in "Dial-Up Networking"

To create a shortcut for this connection on your Desktop, Right Click the computech Connection, and Select "Create Shortcut", you will be asked if you would like the shortcut placed on the desktop, Select "Yes"


Step 7:

Double Click the Connection,and Enter your Username and Password (

Tick the "Save Pasword" Icon to save the password for future use

Clicking "Connect" will connect to the internet


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