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User's Guide:
How to use FireZilla to Upload files to Computech:

The following steps outline how to easily Upload your files to computech.

Step 1:

After unzipping the contents of the download, open FireZilla.exe. Click Ctrl-S or goto File Menu, Site Manager... as illustrated below.



Step 2:

After clicking "Site Manager..." click on "New Site" and add a name for your new connection. Enter the details as shown below.. Replace "" with your actual domain name, Enter your User and Password... Then Click Connect..



Step 3:

To Upload files, navigate to the files in the left "Local Site" box. Drag them to the right side, the "Remote Site" box, and release the mouse button. If there are already files in your web-files folder, You will be prompted asking if you want to overwrite each file, Clicking "Yes" or "Yes to All" will overwrite the file(s). Ensure files are placed in the "web-files" folder.



Step 4:

Now that you have successfully uploaded your files, they will be viewable at "" immediately. To Disconnect from the server, Select "Disconnect" from the File Menu, press Ctrl-D, or simply close the program.

At computech, we strive to provide the best support available in setting up, maintaining and growing your web site. We provide many ways to help you with your web hosting accounts. If there are any problems with the clarity or content of this guide please email the webmaster by clicking here or by visiting the Contact page

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