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User's Guide:
Configuring Internet Explorer to upload files to computech's Servers

The following steps outline how to Upload your site to our servers.

Step 1:

Start Internet Explorer by clicking the START button, and selecting "Internet Explorer" from the Programs menu, Or by clicking the desktop icon: Internet Explorer Logo


Step 2:

If you've never used FTP before it is sometimes required to modify a few settings to allow FTP to function:

Within Internet Explorer, Click On the Tools menu, then click "Internet Options..."



Step 3:

The Internet Options dialog box will appear, click the Advanced Tab



Step 4:

In the Advanced Tab, Ensure the "Enable folder view for FTP sites" box is ticked. It is marked with a markerin our image for easy location



Step 5:

Also In the Advanced Tab, Ensure the "Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)" box is ticked. It is marked with a markerin our image for easy location. Click Apply,



Step 6:

Click OK to close the "Internet Options" Dialogue Box..

These steps will only need to be completed once. You are now able to view FTP folders using Internet Explorer

For further Instructions on how to upload using FTP, see our Support Page


At computech, we strive to provide the best support available in setting up, maintaining and growing your web site. We provide many ways to help you with your web hosting accounts. If there are any problems with the clarity or content of this guide please email the webmaster by clicking here or by visiting the "Contact" page

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