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User's Guide:
How to configure an E-mail Account Using Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5

The following steps outline how to easily set-up your computech E-mail account.

Thunderbird may be freely downloaded from

Step 1:

Start Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 by clicking the START button, selecting Programs, clicking the Mozilla Thunderbird Menu, then clicking "Mozilla Thunderbird"


Step 2:

On the Tools menu, click "E-mail Accounts..."



Step 3:

A wizard will appear to guide you through the rest of the setup. Click "Add Account..."



Step 4:

The Account wizard will appear,select "Email account", then click Next



Step 5:

Fill in the required information, then click Next.



Step 6:

Select the POP button, enter the Incoming server as ""

Outgoing Server is the email server of the email address provided by your internet service provider (eg. Click Next...



Step 7:

Enter the appropriate user names of your mail account.



Step 8:




Step 9:

Check Details, if anything is incorrect click "Back"



Step 8:

You have successfully entered all of the information required to set up an account... Click Finish.

To add further accounts Repeat All Steps Above.



At computech, we strive to provide the best support available in setting up, maintaining and growing your web site. We provide many ways to help you with your web hosting accounts. If there are any problems with the clarity or content of this guide please email the webmaster by clicking here or by visiting the "Contact Us" page

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