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What is an E-mail Alias:

An Email Alias is an email address that forwards all email it receives to a specified email account.

If an alias is set up for, to send to, ALL email sent to will automatically be forwarded to, and appear in the inbox of person1 as if it was sent directly there. (in this example: "info" is an alias of "person1")

How is an E-mail Alias Different to a Standard E-mail Account:

An email alias is an email address that has no associated account, username or password. It is used only as a forward email address to send mail to a real account. Alias addresses DO NOT store mail in an inbox, therefore cannot be checked. Email Cannot be sent from an Alias Account.

Please Note: Alias Addresses cannot be used to logged into in User Central, as there is no account associated with an Alias, and no Inbox to view..

Why Should I Use E-mail Aliasing in place of a Standard E-mail Account:

There are several common uses of email aliases:

-You may wish to list contact email addresses on your website which are all forwarded to the one address. eg webmaster@, sales@, management@, complaints@, all forwarding to The benefit of doing this is only one email account/inbox has to be checked, this is especially convenient when it comes to remembering passwords, or checking mail on the go with WebMail

-You may wish to list an email on a website you that directs mail to your personal account with any provider, that you don't want to make publicly available online. This will protect your real address from spammers, and can be used to provide several contact methods as seen in the example above

When you create an email alias, you must associate a real account with it. You can use User Central to create an unlimited number of email aliases. Here's a Step by Step Guide:


Step 1:

Launch Web Mail by clicking the "WEBMAIL" image on the computech Home Page, or going to Enter your Username and Password, then click "login"

Step 2:

Coming Soon


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